The Bastard Quiz TWO

The Bastard wants to know - How're your problem solving skills?


1.  You're at a tutorial when the presenter steps up.   He's wearing
beige slacks, shirt, shoes and tie, carries a personnell disorganiser
with his notes on it, and has two cellphones a pager and a large ring
of keys and swipe cards strapped to his waist.  You reach for:

        A.  The water carafe
        B.  The breath mints
        C.  The free pens
        D.  Your Walkman
        E.  Your sleeping Bag

2.  Someone beside you CONTINUALLY interrupts to share their personal
experiences and inane questions on the topics discussed.  You:

        A.  Embrace their anecdotes as empircal evidence
        B.  Draw similarities between their encounters and 
            possible happenings at your own organisation
        C.  Make "Duh" sounds
        D.  Wait till morning tea then spill something that
            stains down their front.
        E.  Wait till morning tea then spill something that
            scalds and stains down their front.

3.  You're at a talk on cryptography that's got most of the attendees 
so far out of their depth that they're wearing water wings and 
calling for snorkels.   Even your eyes are starting to glaze
slightly as you hear about XOR-ing data for the 24th time.  To retain
your consciousness, at the morning tea break you:
        A.  Take a couple of extra notes
        B.  Take out your dictaphone
        C.  Take a dangerous amount of caffeine
        D.  Take out the handout and tear out the boring bits
        E.  Take out the lecturer with a knee to the goolies

4.  It was terrible, but you survived.   Your lecturer looks to you all
and asks "Any questions?".  You ask:

        A.  Could you review the main topics again quickly?
        B.  Have you marked this up on the web somewhere?
        C.  Who am I?  How did I get here?
        D.  Is that the quickest way out?
        E.  Anyone fancy a pint?

5.  You're evaluating the tutorial and feel like being generous, even 
though it was the dullest thing since Gate's biography.  You give your
        A.  8 out of 10 for knowing his/her topic
        B.  8 out of 10 for Visual Aids
        C.  4 out of 10 for turning up
        D.  7 out of 10 for ending 10 minutes early
        E.  2 in the goolies that you didn't give him in question 3.

HOW DID YOU FARE? Mostly A: You're a card-carrying member of the furry tooth brigade - there's no hope for you. Mostly B: You're just as bad as (A), only you have a different view on it all. Be careful who you sit by and recognise the sound of a cattle prod charging up... Mostly C: Stupid - But saveable. Remember - you have to work at it though... Mostly D: You talk the talk, and almost walk the walk. Keep up the good work. Remember a good tutorial is a bad holiday. Mostly E: (Enter your comments here. We trust you)